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Transfusion Products
Blood bags Blood bags
  - Single blood bag
  - Double blood bag
  - Triple bag
  - Quadruple blood bag
Blood bag with integrated filter system Blood bag with integrated filter system
  - leukocyte filter blood transfusion (TA-RFA)
Transfusion sets Transfusion sets
  - transfusion sets
  - medical infusion set
  - filter for blood transfusion
Surgical Sutures
Absorbable surgical sutures Absorbable surgical sutures
  - Polydioxanone sutures
  - Chromic catgut sutures
  - PGA sutures
  - Plain catgut sutures
  - Polyglactin 910 sutures
  - Poliglecaprone 25 suture
Non absorbable sutures Non absorbable sutures
  - Braided polyester suture
  - Stainless steel sutures
  - Polypropylene sutures
  - Nylon Suture
  - Silk suture
Blades, scalpels, stitch cutter
Sterile surgical blades Sterile surgical blades
  - Carbon steel surgical blades
  - stainless steel surgical blade
Scalpel handle Scalpel handle
  - Scalpel
  - knife handle
Gouge blades Gouge blades
  - Gouge blades
blood lancets blood lancets
  - Blood lancets(Plastic)
  - Blood lancets(Stainless steel type)
  - safety blood lancet
Respiratory product
Disposable Oxygen masks Disposable Oxygen masks
  - Nebulizer mask
  - Venturi mask
  - Adjustable Venturi mask
  - Oxygen mask with bag
  - simple oxygen mask
Oxygen tubes,cannula Oxygen tubes,cannula
  - Nasal oxygen canula
  - Oxygen Connecton tubing
  - Suction connection tube
Syringe and Transfusion sets
disposable syringe sets disposable syringe sets
  - 2 parts syringe
  - 3 parts syringe
  - Insulin Syringe
  - autodisabled syringe
transfusion sets,infusion sets transfusion sets,infusion sets
  - transfusion sets
Disposable urine bag
Luxury Urine bag Luxury Urine bag
  - Luxury urine bag
  - FS-JMB83010
  - FS-JBM-82005
  - FS-JBM85003
uringe bag-normal material uringe bag-normal material
  - Urine bag(regular material)T valve
Health diagnostic instruments
Multifunction monitors Multifunction monitors
  - FS-TR600A
  - FS-TR900B
  - FS-TR900E
  - FS-TR2002
  - FS-YK8000A
Fingertip pulse oximeter Fingertip pulse oximeter
  - FS-YK80A
  - FS-YK80A2
Ophthalmology Instruments
Titanium-Instruments Titanium-Instruments
Gynecological bed
Chair mounted dental chair
Automatic sterilizer
Ultrasonic cleaner
Mobility scooter
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