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Transfusion Products
Blood Bags Blood Bags
  - Single blood bag
  - Double blood bag
  - Triple bag
  - Quadruple blood bag
Blood bag with integrated filter system Blood bag with integrated filter system
  - leukocyte filer bag TA-RFA
Transfusion sets Transfusion sets
  - FS-TR01
  - FS-TR03
  - FS-TR03(NEW)
Surgical Sutures
Absorbable sutures Absorbable sutures
  - Podioxanone suture
  - Chromic catgut suture
  - PGA sutures
  - Plain catgut sutures
  - POLYGLACTIN 910 suture
  - Poliglycaprone 25
Non absorbable sutures Non absorbable sutures
  - Polyester braided suture
  - stainless steel suture
  - polypropylene suture
  - Nylon Suture
  - Silk suture
Blades, scalpels, stitch cutter
sterilized surgical blades sterilized surgical blades
  - Carbon steel blades
  - stainless steel blades
Scalpel handle Scalpel handle
  - Scalpel
  - knife handle
Gouge blades Gouge blades
  - Gouge blades
blood lancets blood lancets
  - Blood lancets(Plastic)
  - Blood lancets(Stainless steel type)
  - safety blood lancet
Respiratory product
Disposable Oxygen masks Disposable Oxygen masks
  - Nebulizer mask
  - Venturi mask
  - Adjustable Venturi mask
  - Oxygen mask with bag
  - simple oxygen mask
Oxygen tubes,cannula Oxygen tubes,cannula
  - Nasal oxygen canula
  - Oxygen Connecton tubing
  - Suction connection tube
Syringe and Transfusion sets
disposable syringe sets disposable syringe sets
  - 2 parts syringe
  - 3 parts syringe
  - Insulin Syringe
  - autodisabled syringe
transfusion sets,infusion sets transfusion sets,infusion sets
  - transfusion sets
Disposable urine bag
Luxury Urine bag Luxury Urine bag
  - Luxury urine bag
  - FS-JMB83010
  - FS-JBM-82005
  - FS-JBM85003
uringe bag-normal material uringe bag-normal material
  - Urine bag(regular material)T valve
Health diagnostic instruments
Multifunction monitors Multifunction monitors
  - FS-TR600A
  - FS-TR900B
  - FS-TR900E
  - FS-TR2002
  - FS-YK8000A
Fingertip pulse oximeter Fingertip pulse oximeter
  - FS-YK80A
  - FS-YK80A2
ophthalmology instruments
Titanium-Instruments Titanium-Instruments
gynecological bed
Chair mounted dental chair
automatic sterilizer
Ultrasonic cleaner
Mobility scooter
fosunmedical_key fosunmedical_key
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Surgical Sutures absorbable suture Surgical Suture Needle Surgical Blades Pvc Blood Bags Blood Collection Bag Silk suture
Surgical Sutures absorbable suture Surgical Suture Needle Surgical Blades Pvc Blood Bags Blood Collection Bag Silk suture